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Destiny Discover    
World Book

Mississippi DMV Permit Practice Tests 

In partnership with the Wolf Den Library, students can use this site to study for the Mississippi DMV permit test and driver's license test.


Explora designed to meet the unique needs of its users, Explora supports both student research and classroom instruction with features including a simple search, easily browsed categories, topic overviews, Lexile measures, text-to-speech, and a Curriculum Standards Module.

Explora Link      Explora Research Guide


Explora Tutorial

Literary Reference has more than 10,000 plot summaries, synopses and work overviews; 75,000 articles of literary criticism; 130,000 author biographies; Full text of over 300 literary journals; 500,000 book reviews; 25,000 classic and contemporary poems; Over 11,000 classic and contemporary short stories; 3,000 author interviews; Over 1,000 images of key literary figures. 

Literary Reference Link       Literary Reference User Guide

Literary Reference Tutorial

History Reference Center world's most comprehensive full text history reference database designed for secondary schools, public libraries, junior/community colleges, and undergraduate research. The database features full text for more than 2,000 reference books, encyclopedias and non-fiction books from leading history publishers; full text for more than 120 leading history periodicals; more than 59,600 historical documents; more than 49,600 biographies of historical figures; more than 110,200 historical photos and maps; and more than 80 hours of historical video.

History Reference Center Link       History Reference User Guide

History Reference Center Tutorial

World Book Online designed for high school and college students, World Book Online is a powerful reference tool that includes encyclopedic, multimedia, e-book, and primary source databases, fully integrated in a single search. Students can create and save their research, timelines, and citations.

World Book Online Link      World Book Student Guide     World Book Advanced     World Book Timelines Guide


World Book Tutorial

SIRS helps students make sense of the world by offering relevant, credible resources that tell the whole story on major issues and world conflicts of the day. It's all here, enduring issues such as abortion, immigration, and gun control; and current issues such as the global financial crisis, mass media, and privacy rights for teenagers. Analysis and opinions cover the pros, cons, and everything in between on the most researched and debated social issues.

SIRS Pro/Con Database Link     SIRS Research Guide    What's New with SIRS

Classroom Documents

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SIRS Tutorial

Bloom's Literature contains more than 20,000 critical essays from over 500 literary journals and 2,300 scholarly and critical books, including 700 titles published by Bloom's Literature and Facts on File. Also included in the database are more than 13,000 biographies, 45,000 character entries, 5,000 synopses of literary works and hundreds of images and videos.

Bloom's Literature Link               Bloom's Literature User Guide

Bloom's Literature Tutorial

Science Online: offers students and researchers a wealth of comprehensive content and a dynamic design that facilitates STEM research and learning. Topic Centers feature specially selected content on core science disciplines to help users find a starting point for their research, and users can also access the full, updated content of our unique science eLearning Modules, which target a variety of core topics and feature valuable Educator Support materials for seamless in-class integration. Plus, new, interactive science experiments that come with lesson objectives, data tables for findings, and analysis of expected results allow users to replicate the in-class laboratory experience in a safe and user-friendly environment.

Health Reference: has been redesigned and upgraded with a wealth of essential new content and a new, more intuitive design that better facilitates research. Thirty-five Topic Centers highlight specially selected content to help users find a starting point for their studies, and numerous videos and collections of illustrations make it easy to find relevant visual media on the most frequently researched topics. New features and tools—including Read Aloud, Google Translate, and tag "clouds" for all content, to name a few—provide added functionality and accessibility.

Science Online & Health Reference Link     Science Online User Guide    Health Reference User Guide


Science Online and Health Reference Tutorial

American History Online is fully revamped and now contains the complete content of the American Women's History Online and U.S. Government Online databases, substantially expanding its coverage in these key areas of American history. The new home page offers many ways to begin exploring the material, from the videos, slideshow overviews, and Topic Centers to the lists of key content handpicked by our editors to help users find a starting point for their research. By providing the most comprehensive range of information in one complete resource—subject entries, biographies, primary sources, videos and slideshows, images, timelines, and maps and graphs—American History Online offers a virtual library of American history for educators, students, and researchers of all ages. A powerful new feature is full cross-searchability across all the Infobase history databases.

Issues & Controversies in American History brings history to life, not as a mere recitation of names and dates but as a series of turning points where the future hung in the balance and opinions raged on all sides. This accessible educational database delivers dynamic, concise, and balanced coverage that provides the background, outcome, and contemporary points of view for every major debate and conflict in American history. All articles feature multiple primary sources, essential to understanding our nation's past. In addition, all articles have been indexed to key subjects such as immigration, politics and government, race and civil rights, religion, war and military, and more.

Life in America Online offers a fascinating glimpse into the social history of the nation, covering everything from the foods people ate and the ways they dressed to entertainment and popular pastimes. From the beginnings of the country through a civil war and two world wars to the present day, each of the nine Learning Units in this eLearning Module examines a single period of time in American history and presents a remarkable array of valuable information. Support materials for students include timelines and information on key people of each era. 

American History Databases 

American History Tutorial

Ferguson's Career Guidance Center has been redesigned, enhancing users' ability to quickly find the valuable career information they need, whether it's industry and professions articles, school planning resources, or skills and career advice. Known for its unprecedented depth of coverage, this comprehensive career research database is organized into three main sections: through Industries and Careers, users can explore a multitude of industries, career fields, and professions; Plan Your Education helps users find the schools that fit them best; and Launch Your Career offers solid advice to help users perfect the skills that beget success. The material draws from a range of authoritative sources, including more than 880 updated articles and entries from the Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance, 16th Edition. A new "From Our Career Experts" section features regular blog posts with an archive of more than 2,000 posts.

Ferguson Career Link                            Ferguson Career User Guide