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Library Advisory Council

2021-2022 Puckett High Library Advisory Committee

Nikki Hammock, Library Media Specialist 

Raquel Hollingsworth, English Department Chair

Brittni Harris, English

Amy Smith, Technology

Candace McAlpin, Math

Elizabeth Burrell, Science

Beth Pardue, History

Stephanie Hughes, Assistant Principal 

Misty Lemoine and Missy Addy, Parents 

Responsibilities of the Library Advisory Committee

As advisors to the library media center (LMC) professional staff and as advocates for the library media center program, members of the library advisory committee make a commitment. Each member pledges to support the LMC staff and program and to work collegially to enhance and improve the LMC program, resources, and services for the benefit of all students and teachers.

The library advisory committee works with the LMC professional staff to: 

  • • conduct regular needs assessments to determine what additional resources (e.g., books, audio/visual, computer software, furnishings) are needed in the LMC;
  • • conduct regular student and faculty surveys to gauge customer satisfaction with the LMC program;
  • • develop a five-year strategic plan for the library media center based on student and faculty surveys and the needs assessment;
  • • collect relevant data and use that data to prepare and submit regular reports to the building-level administration and to the district showing direct positive impact of the LMC program on student achievement; 
  • • prepare a budget request to meet the needs identified in the needs assessment;
  • • develop short-range plans for collection development based on the school’s implemented curriculum, a related LMC collection map, and input from teachers and students;
  • • identify strategies for facilitating collaboration between the classroom teachers and the LMC professional staff to ensure integration of the LMC resources and services into the school’s instructional program;
  • • work with the building-level administration, the LMC professional staff, and the classroom teachers to implement identified collaborative instructional strategies; and
  • • advocate for the school’s library media program.

Schedule of Meetings

The library advisory committee should meet at least twice during the school year (i.e., once each semester). Exemplary school library media programs have a library advisory committee that meets at least quarterly. The meeting dates should be scheduled for the entire school year, and those dates should be noted on the school’s calendar. Meeting reminders with the proposed agenda should be sent to all members and meetings announced in the minutes from the previous meeting, the school’s newsletter, the school’s Web page, the library media center’s newsletter, and the library media center’s Web page.