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Mission Statements

Mission Statements

Department of Education Mission

The mission of the Mississippi School Library Media Centers is to assist in providing a quality education for every child and to encourage lifelong literacy and learning through reading. Library media centers provide an environment in which students and staff learn to access, evaluate, and apply information using a variety of print and electronic formats. The library media center supports the school's curriculum and assists members of the learning community in becoming effective users of information.

Puckett Attendance Center Mission

The mission of Puckett Attendance Center is to provide every student with quality educational opportunities and harmonious social interactions that will enable each to become an independent and self-sufficient adult who will contribute responsibly in a global society.

Library Mission

The mission of the RCSD Library Media Program is to empower, inspire, and support learners in the art of inquiry and discovery as they become critical thinkers, skillful researchers, and responsible, ethical users, producers, and managers of ideas and information. The program must provide an environment that promotes student success in today’s knowledge and technology-driven society; fosters independent, enthusiastic and lifelong learners and readers; and promotes cohesiveness with the district’s curriculum goals, objectives, and values.

Personal Mission

A librarian's first job is to be a teacher and then a librarian. To promote this idea, my main responsibility is to teach students and faculty the skills to analyze, access, manage, integrate, evaluate, and create information in a variety of forms and media. This education is done through different avenues: 1) collection development; 2) teacher/librarian collaboration; and 3) student instruction. I must use my knowledge to design and implement instructional programs that meet varied user needs. In addition, I will interact with faculty in promoting effective use of library resources in relation to classroom activities. I will also encourage personal interaction between the library staff and students to humanize their library contracts, open paths of communication for their growth in using libraries, and increase their respect for libraries.