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PKH Research Paper

Research Paper Information

A research project, whether it is a traditional paper, a speech, or a multi-­‐media presentation is the end product of a thinking process that involves student-­‐centered questioning or inquiry. It is likely to involve the following:

  • careful research of already existing ideas, facts, and expert opinions on a specific topic
  • a thesis statement supported with facts, ideas, and expert opinions
  • a formal presentation of your research and thesis -­‐ – which generally should include:
    •  An outline with thesis statement
    • Paper (introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion)
    • Works Cited page

A major element of the CCS is that the research process and the writing process are connected. Research is of little value unless you can effectively communicate your new knowledge. The same skills that you use to write an expository paper are used to develop the research paper or a project in any medium. Asking solid questions, developing a clear and focused thesis, sketching an outline or a storyboard, drafting, revising, peer reviewing, and editing all are steps with which you are already familiar. Following this plan or process will produce the most successful paper in the least amount of time.

Research Timeline

Day 1

Research Expectations and Topics

Difference Between Sources

Day 2

Topic Assignment

Summary/Paraphrasing vs. Plagiarism

Book/Website Station

Day 3

Book/ Website Station

Day 4


Day 5

Wrap-up Research

 Research Supplies

Large Envelope with Clasp



Print Card

Research Paper Samples

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